NYT Best-Selling Author (4 Million Copies Sold) Pens A New Translation of the TAO TE CHING and Signs with the Peter Beren Agency

For Immediate Release: May 26,2020

Benjamin Hoff, author of the TAO of POOH (49 weeks on the NYT list, 3 million copies sold) and the TAO TE PIGLET (59 weeks on the Times’ list, 1 million copies sold), brought Taoism to the attention of mainstream America.u

Now having worked on a new translation of the TAO TE CHING for 7 years,he recently signed with the Peter Beren Agency to represent his ground-breaking work.

Based on the ancient Chinese character-meanings in use when the spiritual classic was first written, Mr. Huff’s translation is titled the ETERNAL TAO TE CHING, a unique edition more relevant to today’s readers..

One of humanity’s great philosophical and spiritual achievements, the TAO TE CHING, like the I CHING before it, is among the most popular spiritual classics ever published.

For More Information Contact: The Peter Beren Agency
(510) 821-5539


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