Book Publishing Consulting Clients of Peter Beren

Book Publishing Consulting Clients of Peter Beren


Book Publishing Consultations

Contracts, Copyright, Self-Publishing, Promotion, Marketing, Distribution, Editorial Development, Publishing Relationships, Negotiations, Acquisitions, Subsidiary Rights, Co-Editions, Licensing, Book Clubs



  • Jeremy P. Tarcher, Inc.
  • Ten Speed Press
  • MILIA: The International New Media and Publishing Market
  • Age Wave, Inc.
  • Candice Fuhrman Agency
  • Encounter Books
  • Healthy Planet Products
  • World Wildlife Fund
  • Healthy Travel Media
  • Heyday Books
  • Bonnie Smetts Design
  • Quilt Digest Press
  • Second Line Search
  • Yoga Ed
  • Richard Nagler Photography
  • Susan Fassberg Photography
  • Miraphora Design
  • Noesis Press
  • Future Medicine Publishing
  • Green Tree Publishers
  • Shambhala Publications
  • The Nature Company
  • Ventana Communications
  • Aris Books
  • Maggie Katzen Graphics
  • Patients Without Borders
  • Enrealment Press
  • Lil Sprout Press
  • Tiger Spring Press
  • Cleis Press
  • Jacques Vallee, Ph.D. (Dimensions)
  • Michele Higgans (Decanting Wine Country)
  • Geoff Fallon (Get Happier in Your Job)
  • Garrett Burke (Quatermania)
  • Robert Bailey (Visual Advocacy)
  • Neil Fiore, Ph.D. (The Now Habit)
  • Ken Dychtwald (Age Wave)
  • Bob Schwartz (Diets Don’t Work)
  • Ellen Siegelman, Ph.D. (Personal Risk)
  • Jon Carroll (Pickle Family Circus Book)
  • Jonathon Schwartz
  • Steve Engelhart (The Point Man, Dell)
  • Robert Roper (Mexico Days, Weidenfeld)
  • Glen Rogers, M.D. (Spanish-English Medical Dictionary)
  • Antonio Sausys (The Yoga of Grief)
  • Michael Helquist (Rebellious Spirit)
  • Risa Kaparo (Somatic Intelligence)
  • Jameson Haverkampf (Mom minus Dad)
  • Howard Schubiner
  • Arny Mindell
  • Shane Cook
  • Michal Levin
  • Russell Miller (An American in Shanghai)
  • Medelaine Murphy (Habit of Doubt)
  • Antonio Sausys (The Yoga of Grief)