Agency Clients

Agency Clients

Forthcoming & Recently Published Titles

David Wise, Ph.D. and Dr. Rodney Anderson, M.D., A Headache in the Pelvis (Harmony Books)

Loretta Breuning, Ph.D., The Science of Positivity (Adams Media)

Uma Silbey, The Ultimate Crystals and Stones Handbook (Skyhorse)

Paul Aitken, The Online Freelance Writers Companion (Allworth Press)

Art Wolfe, Migrations (Insight Editions)

Frans Lanting, Into Africa (Insight Editions)

Luke Cartwright, Camera Obscura (Caliber Comics Entertainment)

David Jester, An Idiot in Love (Skyhorse)

David Jester, An Idiot in Love — The Married Years (Skyhorse)

David Jester, The Legend of the Butcher (Skyhorse)

David Jester, Forever After (Skyhorse)

David Jester, The Clinic (Skyhorse)

David Jester, Fairwood (Skyhorse)

Eli Yance, House 23 (Skyhorse)

Eli Yance, Consequence (Skyhorse)

Tony Rowell, Sierra Starlight (Heyday Books)

Art Wolfe, Photographs From The Edge (Ten Speed/Crown)

Linda Kelly, Deadheads (Skyhorse)

Richard Nagler, Looking at Art (Heyday Books)

Baron Wolman, My Generation (Omnibus)

Art Wolfe, Wild (Insight Editions)

Art Wolfe, Trees (Insight Editions)

Mark Tekulsky, Martin Luther King Mitzvah (Regal Publishing)

Clifford Slapper, David Bowie’s Piano Man (Back Beat)

Paul Aitken, Awful Kindness

Art Wolfe, Majestic: Elephants in the Age of Extinction (Simon & Schuster))

Gary Bloomfield, George S. Patton (Lyons Press)

Gary Bloomfield and Michael Richards, Mark Twain (Lyons Press)

Gary Bloomfield, The One (Lyons Press)

Gary Bloomfield, The Devil’s Playground (Lyons Press)

Loretta Breuning, Ph.D., Tame Your Anxiety (Rowman & Littlefield)

Tom Sanders, Vietnam Portraits (Casemate Publishers)

Art & Photography

Art Wolfe and Jeffrey Masson, Dogs Make Us Human (Bloomsbury)

Art Wolfe, The New Art of Photographing Nature (Ten Speed/Amphoto)

Art Wolfe, The Art of the Photograph (Ten Speed/Amphoto)

Art Wolfe, Animal (Fr. Language original, La Martiniere)

Art Wolfe, The Earth Is My Witness (Insight Editions)

Art Wolfe, Vanishing Act  (Rev. ed., Cameron + CO)

Jerry Garcia and Nora Sage, J. Garcia: Paintings, Drawings and Sketches (Celestial Arts/Ten Speed Press)

Richard Nagler and Isaac Singer, My Love Affair with Miami Beach (Simon & Schuster)

Richard Nagler and Ishmael Reed, Oakland Rhapsody (North Atlantic)

Richard Nagler, Word on the Street (Heyday Books)

Jack Katz, The First Kingdom, Vol. 1-6 (Titan Publishing Group)

Matt Tekulsky, Backyard Bird Photography (Skyhorse)

Brian and Wendy Froud, In the Heart of Faerie Oracle (Abrams)

Brian and Wendy Froud, TROLLS  (Abrams)

Brian Froud and John Matthews, How to See Faeries (Abrams)

Tom Sanders, The Last Good War (Rizzoli)

Galen Rowell and Peter Beren, California the Beautiful (Rizzoli)

Wes Walker and Peter Beren, Hidden Napa Valley (Rizzoli)

Helen O’Donnell, The Irish Brotherhood: JFK’s Rise to Power (Counterpoint Press).

Boyd Norton, Conservation Photography Handbook (Amherst Media)

Matt Tekulsky, The Hummingbird Garden (Skyhorse)

Matt Tekulsky, The Butterfly Garden (Skyhorse)

Kevin Kelly, The Home Planet (Addison-Wesley)


Matt Tekulsky, Making Your Own Gourmet Coffee Drinks (Skyhorse)

Careers/Personal Finance/Prosperity

Laurence Boldt, The Tao of Abundance (Penguin)

Laurence Boldt, How to Be, Do, or Have Anything (Lightning/Ten Speed Press)

Laurence Boldt, How to Find the Work You Love (Penguin, 3rd edition)

Laurence Boldt, Zen and the Art of Making a Living (Penguin, 3rd edition)

Donna Ferris, The Organized Job Search Guide (Ten Speed Press)

Jacques Vallée, The Four Elements of Financial Alchemy (Ten Speed Press)


Laurence Boldt, Zen Soup (Penguin 2nd edition)

Beck and Metrick, The Art of Ritual (Ten Speed Press, 2nd edition)

Jalaja Bonheim, Ph.D., The Serpent and the Wave:  Movement Meditation (Ten Speed Press, 2nd edition)

Anderstatter & Brookes, The Woman Who Was Wild (Chiron)

Beth Hedva, Ph.D., Betrayal, Trust and Forgiveness (Ten Speed Press, 2nd edition)

Helen Palmer, Ph.D., Inner Knowing (Tarcher/Penguin)

Ralph Metzner, Ph.D. The Well of Remembrance (Shambhala Publications)

Colin Wilson, Beyond the Outsider (Avalon/Carroll & Graf)

Alan Siegel, Ph.D., Dream Wisdom (Ten Speed Press, 2nd edition)


Randi Gunther, Ph.D., Relationship Saboteurs (New Harbinger)

Randi Gunther, Ph.D., When Love Stumbles (New Harbinger)

Beth Hedva, Ph.D., Betrayal, Trust and Forgiveness (Celestial/Ten Speed)

Miriam Goodman, Too Much Togetherness (Cedar Fort)


Don and Jeanne Elium, Raising a Son (Ten Speed Press, 3rd edition)

Don and Jeanne Elium, Raising a Daughter (Ten Speed Press, 2nd edition)

Don and Jeanne Elium, Raising a Family (Ten Speed Press)

Don and Jeanne Elium, Raising a Teen (Ten Speed Press)

Michael Riera, Ph.D., Uncommon Sense for Parents with Teens (Ten Speed Press, 3rd edition)

Michael Riera, Ph.D., Surviving High School (Ten Speed Press)


Timmen Cermak, M.D., A Time to Heal  (Tarcher/Penguin)

Timmen Cermak, M.D., A Time to Heal Workbook  (Tarcher/Penguin)

Linda Prout, Live in the Balance ( Avalon/Marlowe)

Women’s Studies

Laurel King, Women of Power (Celestial Arts/Ten Speed Press)

Laurel King, A Whistling Woman Is Up To No Good (Celestial Arts/Ten Speed Press)


Pamela Nichols, The Art of Henna: Book & Kit (Healthy Planet/Ten Speed Press)

Clive Matson, Let the Crazy Child Write!  (New World Library)

Roberta Weir, Leonardo’s Ink Bottle  (Celestial Arts/Ten Speed Press)

Fiction/ Humor

Les Galloway, The 40 Fathom Bank and Other Stories  (Chronicle Books)

Jack Mingo, The Official Couch Potato Handbook  (Avon)

Warren Dotz, Dogfood for Thought (Insight Editions)

Warren Dotz, Catfood for Thought (Insight Editions)

Warren Dotz, Meet Mr. Product, Vol. 1 (Insight Editions)

Warren Dotz, Mr. Product, Vol. 2 (Insight Editions)

Patricia V. Davis, The Diva Doctrine (Cedar Fort)

History/Politics/Current Affairs

Vlad Tamarov, Afghanistan: Soviet Vietnam (Mercury House)

Vlad Tamarov, Afghanistan: A Russian Soldier’s Story (Ten Speed Press)

Roger Rappoport, Into the Sunlight: Life After the Iron Curtain (Heyday Books)

Arthur Naiman, The Real Story Series (Counterpoint)

Arthur Naiman, The CIA’s Greatest Hits (Counterpoint Press)


Judith Gilford, The Packing Book (Ten Speed Press)

Felicity Munn, Eastern Canada Travel Smart (Avalon Travel)

Childrens Books & Young Adult

David FitzSimmons, Curious Critters (Scholastic Book Clubs)

Diana Zimmerman, Kandide (Scholastic Book Clubs and Book Fairs)

Billy Phillips, Once Upon a Zombie (Scholastic Book Clubs)

Board Books

Elaine Miller Bond, Running Wild (Heyday Books)

Elaine Miller Bond, Wild Colors (Heyday Books)

Elaine Miller Bond, Living Wild (Heyday Books)


Loretta G. Breuning, Ph.D., Habits of a Happy Brain (Adams Media)